Saeed Anwar’s Record 194 runs vs India


Saeed Anwar is a Left Handed Pakistani Cricket Batsman. Saeed Anwar was a good opener of Pakistan all the time and his average in ODI matches is always above forty runs per match. Saeed Anwar is a good hitter of the ball on cover and mid on. Saeed Anwar played many unforgettable innings of fifties and centuries. Saeed Anwar is always good against India and his great world record innings against India  is unforgettable. The highlights of the Innings is here, so that you can also enjoy great innings of Saeed Anwar.

In this Match Shahid Afridi and Saeed Anwar Started the Innings of Pakistan. Saeed Anwar Start smashing fours from early overs. The early wicket of Shahid Afridi didn’t pressurise Saeed Anwar. Saeed Anwar hitted above circle on off side and also on mid on to fast bowlers as well as to Spinners. Saeed Anwar hitted every ball almost for trying to get out the ball from ground and in this effort he hits many sixes to spinners and fast bowlers and made his innings Memorial and made the world record of 194 runs.

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